Create your generic (glass) cockpit using 3D Gauge Library

What is available for developers?

FsXPand gauges are based on our 3d Gauge Library. This is an instrumentation library for developers
There is a customer version of this ActiveX library available that can be used in your own software projects. If you are familiar with the advanced Gauge Editor (included in FsXPand), you will recognise the infinite possibilities of producing a gauge through a configuration file.
Using that gauge is a matter of setting properties and calling methods in the library, like initialising, supplying the data and rendering the image generated.
Generate as large an image as possible for the dials. By scaling it down and using it as a background bitmap you can obtain high quality graphics. Subsequently the elements building the dial are switched off in the ini file. More gauges...

ALTI_Dash    OIL_TP_Cessna     ITT_Dash
The library was written for aircraft simulation purposes. It will serve as well as an instrumentation library to achieve other goals: simulators of other craft, guarding industrial processes, visualising business processes, and more, as far as your imagination will go.
This is a substantial product, which has already proven its success within FsXPand/FsClient, which is a fine example of what can be done with the library: creating gauges for General Aviation panels, or even a complete glass display for modern airliners.

737NG pfd     More glass

The demo version is available for evaluation. Please send in your request. There is the SDK providing you with installation of the demo version, explanation of the mathematic model and how to use it. It also contains example projects in VB 6.0 and VB.NET.You can use them freely to experiment and find out if it works for you. Details of the demo license are to be found here.
Please note that you cannot roll-out a product with the demo version. You need the production version for that, found on the order page.
Please contact us if you want to have a copy of the license terms of the production version.
One example of a gauge (Indicated Airspeed) is included. There is a separate library of gauges available to suit your needs.

Please don't hesitate to ask a question about the 3D Gauge Library.

Finally, you may be interested in cooperating with us: participate.

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