7 March 2019
Upgrade will contain gauge backlighting. QNH wil be set for CAP and F/O separately. Several gauges will be updated, DH on radar alt etc. And what else is up my sleeve...

27 February 2019
Working on an upgrade. More about that later.

6 June 2018
NEWS:  FsXPand.exe 7.1 for FSUIPC5 update (7.1.78) released. Will connect to Prepar3D v4. Fixes also the FMS issue with P3D4.
Download FsXpand update
To be copied over your existing FsXPand.exe in your FsXPand folder

9 0ctober 2014
We have a patch (.77) for you, fixing the annunciator bug, contains a new cpflight.exe

23 August 2014
NEWS:  FsXPand/FsClient 7.1 update (7.1.7) released. All previous patches included. Als included: FSUIPC5 compatibility.
There is no update patch but a complete new install. Please reinstall if you have a previous version.  Backup your custom panels to use them again in 7.1.7.
Download FsXpand and FsClient version 7.1 (63 Mb)
The unlicensed (demo) version is fullly functional and has ample free unpaused airtime. You need an upgrade to your 5.7, 5.8 or 6.x license (see order page).
-> Don't forget to install the fonts from \fonts into your Windows\fonts dir.

- Dash-8 100 gauges
- a few fonts added

- we haved condensed the package a bit further. All frame files are now only to be found in the Imagery\Frames directory.